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How the “Punisher” on Netflix inspired my stroke-approved, kick ass boots!

March 14, 2018 8:30 am

By Tony Muggs <3

These boots though.

It has now been 16 years since I suffered my hemorrhagic stroke.  When it happened, from day one, I saw myself as a ‘forever changed’ young man, who’d do ‘whatever it took’ to right the ship and live in any semblance of normalcy.  If you’re like me, then you’re always in rehab.  It’s a state of mind really.  And you find little ways to make your life better, even if it’s the most seemingly insignificant, pedestrian thing like watching TV.  Follow the clues. Always be on alert.

My wife, Danielle and I have a wonderful niece and nephew, whom adore Marvel and DC comic book heroes.  So naturally, we felt a duty as a good aunt/uncle team to be well versed in the Marvel and DC universes. This being said, we were watching the Punisher (Marvel) on Netflix.  The character, Frank, is an ex-military bad ass who’s family was killed because of his illegal, covert ops in Afghanistan when he was a soldier and so when returning to the States, he plots his revenge.  In one episode, he was taking off his tactical boots when I saw something interesting.  The boots had laces, however he unzipped them from the inner sides of his boots.

I said to Danielle, “wow!  That’s what I need!”  So I went to Joe’s Army Supply store on Woodward Ave (I live in metro Detroit) and purchased a pair of boots just like the Punisher had on, that very next week.  What is so great about these boots is that, when I’m wearing them, I don’t require my AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis). The boot acts as an foot/ankle brace because it extends  to just under my mid calf area.


Obviously, I’m assuming you guys and gals know what you can and cannot do in terms of your “handi-capabilities,” so please use good judgement. At the same time, this worked wonderfully for me and like I said in the beginning of this blog, gave me a sense of normalcy, I’ll take it, right?

As always, I’m here to listen, give whatever advice I can give to all my brothers and sisters whom have survived like me.  My email is: tonymuggs@gmail.com – add to the subject line: stroke: blah blah blah (you fill in the blanks)…

Be brave and bold.

Big hugs,


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