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Look out for our shiny new writer – Tony Muggs!

February 28, 2018 2:47 pm

Hello stroke warriors : )

I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. The good news is, I have several glowing updates… and there will be more blog posts to come in the very near future… like this week!

To start, My baby Olympia and my new business are keeping my hands and heart full. I’ve been pouring my energy into her and my new family – my most immense dream realized.

Me and my bb Pia <3


Joey and Pia take a pause.


I’m still moderating Rock the Stroke, overseeing and editing guest blog posts and corresponding with survivors and caregivers who reach out to me through email. As I’ve said before, my experience as a caregiver will always be with me. It changed the trajectory of my entire life… and I intend to continue to help as best I can : )

Drew in the sky with diamonds : )


Drew is still working as a video editor in Los Angeles and reveling in the daily sunny skies. His healing is ramping up – physically and emotionally – to the point where he’s mentoring fellow survivors. We caught up last week and he told me the coolest thing… Drew befriended a young woman who recently had a stroke. He picked her up and they went to a stroke survivor support group at UCLA. Being seven years in, he felt strong enough to serve. He shared hopeful advice, understanding (and of course, humor!) with his new friend, who’s just beginning her journey.

Drew continues to support people who reach out to him on social media, too. And he may pop in on Rock the Stroke to add a blog post here and there.

Tony… the real Iron Man!


Now for the big news… Tony DeNardo, aka Tony Muggs will be a regular new blogger on Rock the Stroke! I’ve written about Tony a lot. He’s 17 years into his healing journey – and now a renowned musician with worldwide success as the bass player of “The Muggs.” Tony is currently managing several bands, touring with his own band throughout the U.S. and Europe, and writing a rock autobiography. He plans to impart his profound knowledge and experiences as a stroke survivor with us about twice a month.

When we got together to put the wheels in motion for Tony’s sharing, he told me, “I want to help people like nobody’s business…. Since childhood I wanted to be this way. My mom had me go to to the neighbors’ to help people out with chores or putting groceries away when I was about six. And when I had my stroke, I refused to let this define me. I’ve been helping out as many people as I can along the way. I do have a vision.”

Tony’s ultimate vision is to have his own stroke foundation and spread the word on national platform using his status as a musician. He’s going to work up to it, in part, by creating awareness on Rock the Stroke as it all manifests : )

Stay tuned to read about Tony’s advice and strength here.

We thank you for reading, and we’re sending you good vibes along the way.

Big hugs,

Natalie, Drew and TONY MUGGS!


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