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If you have a supplemental insurance to Medicare, this might interest you…

June 8, 2018 4:30 pm

By Tony Muggs <3

Insurance, insurance. It’s what we need to keep getting better. At the same time, it can be what plagues us.

I’ve been on Medicare since March 1, 2004.  My mom, Judy, signed me up to a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan as a supplemental insurance plan to Medicare.

After two years of being on Medicaid, as I then qualified for Medicare. As most or all of you are aware, Medicare only covers 80%.  For years, my BCBS bill was $129 per month. But about two years ago, I found out that the health insurance bracket I qualified f had a subsidy that made my BCBS bill so low and that this subsidy, which started in the 1980’s, had finally run out of money. So I was faced with a $200 increase for the exact same BCBS coverage.

Thankfully, I qualified for another subsidy (that may run out within three to five years) that granted me $125.  Great, but my disability (SSD) remains stagnant and at best, I was facing a $75 increase for the exact same BCBS coverage.  UGH…  Fast forward to two months ago, January 2018 and BCBS sent out a letter saying that they were increasing my bill by another $55 for the exact same coverage!

I’m sure most of you have similar stories about the rollercoaster that can ensue with your insurance plans and payments.


For me, this is where Larry comes in!  He’s my health insurance guy – an independent insurance agent. This means he’s not beholden to a specific insurance company. Rather, he can compare plans for you and present you with the most comprehensive coverage for your needs – at the right price.

I found him by chance actually.  My wife needed health insurance, so a friend of hers gave me a health insurance number to call. After signing her up, I had some additional questions regarding Medicare and so the agent I spoke with referred me to Larry. Larry has helped me save money by finding me the best Prescription Drug plan, switching from Humana to Express Scripts. And most recently, he found me a supplemental insurance plan that saves me $1, (and that’s before the $55 increase if I were to stay with BCBS), jumping from my BCBS plan to a Priority Health plan.

I talked to Larry about this blog and he said he’d love to help anyone that he could.  Even if you’re not from Michigan, he’s confident that through his network, he can find you someone that can save you money but most importantly, still provide you with the supplemental health insurance coverage that suits your very important needs as a stroke survivor.

Larry’s phone number: 313.478.2970

Hope this helps.

– Tonymuggs : )

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