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Update: Our silver lining

October 17, 2016 7:46 pm

Several months ago, I announced that I’m taking a sabbatical from blogging on Rock the Stroke. I did so because I went back to school to earn my master’s in communications. I also did so because I felt I needed to take a rest for a while to heal.

While taking this time, I likely had the most eventful year I will ever have in my life in terms of personal growth, self love and immense, welcome life changes. I became comfortable with myself, and being alone. Just me. Then, when I least expected it, I met beautiful Joseph – my family. We knew it in our hearts and after he proposed (biggest and most wonderful shock of my life), we were blissfully married in Costa Rica. Just the two of us. Well actually, just the three of us, as I was beginning my second trimester when we arrived in luscious La Fortuna. On June 25, I birthed our sweet baby girl, Olympia. And the stars and the Moon aligned perfectly.


Meanwhile, after another round of physical therapy at Walk the Line to SCI Recovery, Drew sold his home from Grandma Flo, packed up his video gear and possessions and took off for Los Angeles with fellow stroke survivor and bad ass Tony DeNardo by his side for the trip. There, he will work as a video editor and fulfill his dream to make a movie(s), and his documentary about his stroke recovery (disabilities advocate Jerry Wolffe, who’s also a clairvoyant, saw in his palm lines Drew as a famous director!). This is something Drew has always wanted to do, and he’s in a place in his recovery where he’s able to fully immerse himself in making it happen.

I thought I would share this update with our readers today, as it feels like closure. Drew is healing and is Hollywood bound. I am healing and have my precious family to love and nurture, and to envelop me in such goodness.

Although I took a temporary step away from writing about stroke and caregiving advocacy, my experience and passion for the cause did not escape me. And even though I wasn’t churning out blog posts, I was humbled and surprised to check my Gmail recently and see it filled with feedback and questions from readers!

You wanted to know how we were doing, how the heck to get insurance to pay for WalkAide and Bioness, what holistic therapies to try, how Afex for incontinence works, what essential oils help with stroke symptoms and more. You wanted to tell us how you’re doing and what you’re enduring, caregivers and stroke survivors alike. I was especially touched to hear from the caregivers, as this is the exact reason I created Rock the Stroke… so when new caregivers are searching for what ails them or their beloveds, they find a warm place with likeminded people who are doing more than healing.

We are growing and living our dreams.

I can’t thank our readers enough. I’m so filled with gratitude that you would, in part, look to us during the time when you most need protection. Keep on keepin’ on, my friends – and stay tuned for more posts : )

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