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Categories: Survivors | Healing | Relationships | Insurance

Posts in the Category: Stroke itself

3 main types of stroke: What kind did you have?

There are so many different types of stroke, risk factors and undiagnosed causes, that many survivors are unsure of what exactly occurred in their own bodies. Of course, the doctors who speak over our heads and glaze over answers doesn’t help. So I... View Post

All about the elusive spinal stroke

Spinal cord infarct facts and stats   When Drew was first diagnosed with a spinal stroke, the first thing I did was set out to learn everything I could about this condition. I spent hours online, read books, sought out different doctors and... View Post

Spinal stroke vs. brain stroke

And all of the strokes in between   At age 29, Drew endured a very rare and serious spinal stroke. Many people are baffled that someone so young can have a stroke. They want to know how it happened. Here is the Cliff’s... View Post