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Categories: Survivors | Healing | Relationships | Insurance

Posts in the Category: Relationships

Look out for our shiny new writer – Tony Muggs!

Hello stroke warriors : ) I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written. The good news is, I have several glowing updates… and there will be more blog posts to come in the very near future… like this week! To start, My... View Post

PTSD for caregivers: It’s a thing!

After three years together, two of which I was caregiver to Drew after his spinal stroke, we broke up. He moved out. While I was still his primary caregiver, I could no longer lay my eyes on his face every day, and so... View Post

Sophia Loren in “Sunflower”

The 1970 movie “Sunflower” with my favorite actress, Sophia Loren, isn’t about stroke survival. It’s about love and recovering from trauma, violent war and aching hearts, still metaphoric and universal themes:   Giovanna: I wanted to kill myself. But I found you can... View Post

A “can do” attitude

By stroke survivor and motivational speaker with swagger – Mr. J.D. Parks “For sometime now, I’ve been talking about transforming a “can’t do” mind to a “can do” mind. Suffering a stroke at an early age has caused me at some point or... View Post

Tapping into what you can give as a caregiver

  When I was caring for Drew, my childhood friend Megan Vela would send me cards in the mail. She brought home cooked meals to us in the hospital. She called often and listened. She kidnapped me for girls’ night and planned a... View Post