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Categories: Survivors | Healing | Relationships | Insurance

Posts in the Category: Caregiving

PTSD for caregivers: It’s a thing!

After three years together, two of which I was caregiver to Drew after his spinal stroke, we broke up. He moved out. While I was still his primary caregiver, I could no longer lay my eyes on his face every day, and so... View Post

Tapping into what you can give as a caregiver

  When I was caring for Drew, my childhood friend Megan Vela would send me cards in the mail. She brought home cooked meals to us in the hospital. She called often and listened. She kidnapped me for girls’ night and planned a... View Post

Surviving the holidays after surviving stroke

It’s the start of winter in frigid, snowy Michigan and I’m halfway through the holidays. There’s so much pressure for perfection over the holidays. Pressure to adhere to that Norman Rockwell painting of the ideal American family that we all think we should... View Post