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A “can do” attitude

November 30, 2014 9:28 pm

By stroke survivor and motivational speaker with swagger – Mr. J.D. Parks


“For sometime now, I’ve been talking about transforming a “can’t do” mind to a “can do” mind.

Suffering a stroke at an early age has caused me at some point or another to doubt myself, which has allowed me to feed my “can’t do” mentally. Luckily, over the years through perseverance coupled with belief in self, I’ve birthed a “can do” state of mind. It has been my practice when filled with excitement, to share my ideas with others. Unfortunately, it has been their practice to tell me the idea was whack! No one wants to hear that message, or I wasn’t qualified to share it.

Just last night, my wife shared with me that Dr. Ben Carson was recently on “The View.” He is credited with being the first surgeon to successfully separate twins conjoined at the head. With a newly released book out in stores, and a potential 2016 presidential candidate, out of all the things he could discuss, he quickly, but influentially said, “We need to develop a can do mind.”

Simultaneously, my eyes watered and a smile slightly appeared on my face… as I thought, I’m on the right track. I’ve second-guessed my thoughts and ideas because of others, but no more.

And EXPERIENCE… it counts for something. You can research something all your life. But until you’ve lived through it, survived it, and become the champion of the thing that tried to end you, research has a different usefulness than that of someone’s experience. I’m the master of my own experience and my survival counts!

I’ve let others slowly muffle my thoughts, but that changes now. Remember this, every thought you have is for a reason. It’s birthed inside of you to birth it inside of others you will encounter on your journey. Be careful whom you share your dreams with; everyone doesn’t find value in a dreamer. Lastly, your experience counts. I’m certain now that mine does.”

Read more about Jonathan’s survivor story here.


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