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About us

Natalia Lombardo

I’m Natalie Lavis, the founder of Rock the Stroke. I’m a copywriter and a former journalist, and I live in Ferndale, Michigan. Rock the Stroke is inspired by something in my life I never considered was a possibility, and that changed my being: My then-boyfriend Drew Podgorski suffered a catastrophic spinal stroke at age 29 in 2010, and I helped him thrive again as his caregiver.

Today, Drew is recovering strong – 100% independent and free of his wheelchair. I’m healing from the emotional trauma I endured, too. Part of finding peace is sharing what I learned as a caregiver.

Upon the start of my caregiving journey, I was incredibly discouraged to find little resources or support online (and tangibly) for young stroke survivors and their protectors. I hope this website helps serve as comfort for those who may be in the shoes I was in – yearning to find answers, ease and people out there like us.

Thank you for reading. You are all resilient warriors and we send our love to you. Rock your stroke!